The Sunnyvale Tenants Union is a tenant led organization forming to improve housing conditions, protections and affordability for those renting their home in Sunnyvale, CA. By forming a Tenants Union we have a forum where we can build our power in several ways.

Educating ourselves

Knowledge is power, and by learning about our rights as tenants we are stronger.

Taking direct action

Together we can put pressure on landlords who are mistreating their tenants, not taking care of repairs and similar.

Building political power

This is a great time to get organized, as groups all over California are coming together to fight the affordability crisis.

Our neighbors in Mountain View won rent stabilization and just cause for evictions in 2016, and are now fighting to protect it as landlords are trying to take it away from them.

Sunnyvale is a city where a majority of households are renters, but you would not know by looking at our city council. Let's make sure we're heard!

To get in touch, contact us at hello@svtu.org